Holiday season is meant to be full of happiness and joy. And peace.

We do holiday shopping, bake delicious cookies, watch our favorite holiday movies, and spend time with friends and family. It’s also that time of the year to wonder —should your family stay with you or in a hotel during the holidays!

Family is very important and this is the time of the year to share wonderful experiences and create lasting memories together. We love our families, we miss seeing them during the year as many members live far, and, of course, we are excited to see them during holidays.

Now, staying with family is, for many of us, quite an event itself. If you’ve ever seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, you know what we mean! Yes, even the most loving and well-meaning family holiday can somehow turn into not so festive and celebratory events.

The holiday season can be stressful enough – dealing with the crowds, travel, expenses, and much more. Then there’s spending extended periods of time with family. And, often, the uninvited guests.

Whether you’re traveling to your family or they are coming to you, it can take a certain level of diplomacy to get through days with each other.

According to the Winter Holiday Travel Survey, the majority of Americans plan to travel within the U.S. for the holidays, and almost half of those traveling are more likely to stay in a hotel than lodging with family or relatives.

To help you keep calm this season, turn to Fulton Steamboat Inn; especially if you already know your family’s visit might bring out the scrooge in you – have them stay at our Lancaster, PA hotel instead.

Staying at a hotel during the holidays instead of staying with your family is more like the movie Home Alone 2! It’s about enjoying all of the amenities our hotel has to offer, not to mention – peace of mind!

So, let’s take a closer look at what it likely looks like when family is staying with you:

  1. No privacy – no alone time for yourself, with your significant other and/or with your spouse and your children.
  1. No quiet time – aunt talks incessantly, some family members are nocturnal and some party a lot, your nieces and nephews touch everything and have a million questions.
  1. Feed a small army – cooking holiday meals is one thing, but coming up with breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week straight can be exhausting.
  1. Share a bathroom with many people – wait for your turn, take cold showers.
  1. No sleep, no rest – your bed often becomes the couch or the floor; your uncle snores; your mother in law wakes you up way too early every morning.

And now, let’s look at the pros of family staying at Fulton Steamboat Inn:

  1. Everyone can have privacy and quite time when needed, and you get to spend alone time with your significant other and or with your spouse and children.
  1. Ah, no bathroom lines at your house. Plus, there’s always hot water instead of 50/50 chance, or less, of getting a hot shower.
  1. Everyone gets to sleep in a big, comfortable bed, and wake up refreshed and when desired.
  1. Maids take care of dirty towels, take out trash and make the bed every day. Also, plenty of food at our hotel’s restaurants.
  1. Plus, come visit your family, have a meal or a drink at our hotel and shop at the nearby outlets!

When you stay at the Fulton Steamboat Inn, one of the most unique hotels in Lancaster, PA, there are festive, sparkly, and fun for everyone kind of things to do around Christmas time, making this holiday season even more memorable.

Our guests get to enjoy a warm, lovely atmosphere, rejuvenate in our indoor swimming pool, refresh by our duck and koi pond, and relax by the fire as they watch the sunset. There is also so much to explore in charming Lancaster County during the holiday season. Our friendly staff will be happy to share info on local attractions and events.

When in doubt where to stay or which of the Lancaster, PA hotels your family should stay in Lancaster County, PA – trust Fulton Steamboat for an exciting, yet relaxing visit this holiday season.

To book your stay at our charming hotel in Lancaster Pennsylvania, call us today at (717) 299-9999 or book your stay online.