The Fulton Steamboat Inn is a family-run hotel in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that has been welcoming guests since 1990. It is themed to emulate the experience of being on a classic steamboat, with Ragtime music echoing through the halls, antique furniture, fireplaces, an indoor pool and hot tub, and a tavern with fresh beer on tap. The hotel is named after Robert Fulton, who was born 18.5 miles away and was the first person to make a successfully operating steamboat. The attached restaurant, Huckleberry’s, serves delicious meals and coffee from the Lancaster Coffee Company. The people who work at the hotel are known for their hospitality and willingness to go above and beyond for guests. A recent experience included making a little girl’s wish come true by purchasing a magical unicorn and setting it up with a handwritten note from the magical wish fountain.

The Fulton Steamboat Inn is a unique establishment offering visitors a distinctive experience with fresh renovations and nearby attractions. The staff, food, and history all come together to make this a must-visit destination for road trip enthusiasts.