Yes, we are quite unique. Fulton Steamboat Inn looks like a boat, a steamboat to be precise, but instead of steam, noise and movement, we offer a tranquil environment with ducks and a koi pond and lovely accommodations with great food and entertainment.

Three elegant decks of beautifully decorated Victorian and Nautically themed guest rooms welcome you in our charming Lancaster, Pennsylvania lodging.

Since we drew our inspiration from the good old steamboats, there are many questions and comments by our guests that make us smile, and laugh. Here are just some of them.


Do we ever get seasick?

Not only that, but some have actually claimed to have gotten seasick themselves while “onboard the steamboat”. Power of imagination can do unbelievable things, don’t you think?


Is this a real boat? Also, when will we be setting sail?

We are considering creating a “sail schedule’ and providing it to guests who like to have fun with such questions – and to those who are serious when asking them.


How was the Boat docked here?

We must have done an amazing job with authentic riverboat inspiration. And ever since, even ducks have loved our “docked” location.


To get onboard your boat, will we need a passport?  

As much as we would love to take our guests to far exotic places or at least to neighboring Canada or Mexico – the only foreign affairs may be on our menu, and in our fishpond where guests can see exotic koi fish. And, last time we checked, neither requires you to have a passport.


Are you Robert Fulton?

A question often posed to our manager, Joseph Chiccarine. So, who is Robert Fulton anyway? Robert Fulton, an American engineer and inventor most responsible for developing the idea of propelling boats by steam, was born just a few miles from our very location, making our unique hotel a Fulton inn!

We honor his achievements and welcome you aboard the Fulton Steamboat Inn for the best lodging in Lancaster PA. And, rest assured, no need to worry about getting sick on the water!

Book your “steamboat fare” today.