Step into a bygone era at the Fulton Steamboat Inn, where the allure of the Victorian era gracefully influences every corner of our unique bed and breakfast. As the sole floating accommodation in Lancaster County, we invite you to experience a stay like no other amid Victorian charm and timeless elegance.

The Victorian era, which spanned from 1837 to 1901 during the reign of Queen Victoria in the United Kingdom, was a period marked by significant social, cultural, and technological changes.

Here are five notable facts about the Victorian era:

  1. Industrial Revolution: The Victorian era saw the peak of the Industrial Revolution, bringing about major advancements in manufacturing, transportation, and technology. Factories emerged, and there was a shift from agrarian economies to industrialized ones, leading to urbanization and changes in social structures. 
  2. Bustle Dresses (Fashion): Women’s fashion was characterized by the prominence of bustle dresses. These dresses had a distinctive silhouette with a fitted bodice and an exaggerated bustle or fullness at the back of the skirt. The style reflected the prevailing emphasis on the hourglass figure and added a sense of drama to women’s fashion. 
  3. Social Reform: The era witnessed significant social reform movements, including efforts to improve working conditions, child labor laws, and women’s rights. 
  4. Cultural Renaissance: The Victorian era was marked by a cultural renaissance, with advancements in literature, art, and architecture. Renowned authors like Charles Dickens and the Brontë sisters produced iconic works, and the Gothic revival in architecture gained popularity. 
  5. Queen Victoria’s Influence: Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901, played a crucial role in shaping the era. Her reign was characterized by stability and a focus on family values.

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