Hotel History

Enjoy The Most Unique Lancaster Pennsylvania Lodging Experience at The Fulton Steamboat Inn


Many guests of the Fulton Steamboat Inn Lancaster frequently ask: “Why a steamboat in the middle of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania?” The reason: Robert Fulton, the man most responsible for developing the idea of propelling boats by steam, was born just a few miles from our very location, making our unique hotel truly a Robert Fulton Inn!

In 1765, Robert Fulton was born in a small farmhouse just a few miles south of the Fulton Steamboat Inn. Robert Fulton is credited with turning the steamboat into a commercial success and transforming transportation history.

Robert Fulton began his career as an artist, but later turned his attention toward mechanical engineering. Robert Fulton worked diligently to improve mill designs, and also contributed greatly to new innovations in canal systems. While working on the Erie Canal, Robert Fulton developed one of the earliest “diving boats,” and pioneered submarine technology.

In 1807, Robert Fulton teamed with another engineer, and both designed and constructed the first successful steam powered ship, The Clermont. Sailing from Albany to New York City, the new means of transportation garnered worldwide fascination.

Robert Fulton continued to engineer several improvements pertaining to both steam travel and submarine development. He is most recognized for his achievement in creating the first steam-powered ship, and transforming the way in which people traveled around the world. Thus, we honor his achievements and welcome you aboard the Fulton Steamboat Inn for the best lodging in Lancaster PA.